Connecting HRV Trace to a heart rate monitor.

Note that the Zephyr monitor demonstrated is the HxM Smart, NOT the HxM BT. The BT monitor does not use BLE protocols and will NOT work with HRV Trace.


Using the HRV Trace scrolling display

HRV Trace displays your heart rate beat-by-beat in real-time. You can vary the display to observe the shape of the HRV trace more clearly. You can also use an event marker to timestamp relevant events that occur while recording.


Adding a title and description to an HRV Trace session and emailing the data.

HRV Trace will not send your data anywhere unless you specifically email it to someone. You can delete a session by swiping to the left over a session name and then hitting the red “Delete” button. THIS CANNOT BE UNDONE!


Reviewing previous sessions recorded with HRV Trace

Reviewing previous sessions is similar to using the scrolling display.


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